More than 440 jobs have been created since the company was established in 2004. 45% of those jobs were filled with people with disabilities. Today AfB operates in five European countries and continues to grow steadily.

To take a new road together

Organigramm AfB Organigramm AfB

Initiative 500 gAG

Under the motto "Together We Are Strong", AfB with its subsidiaries - Mobiles Lernen GmbH and Social Lease GmbH - are the sturdy pillars that support the Initiative 500 non-profit gAG. Their common goal: to offer people with disabilities tasks and job prospects and in doing so create new opportunities for companies, our society and the environment.

AfB Facts


We employ more than 370 people, 45% of them with disabilities.


We pass along approx. 320,000 pieces of hardware every year.


We carry out about 3,500 hardware pick-ups per year in compliance with privacy regulations.

"For me it is a special pleasure that I can continue to use my workforce for the benefit of our environment and our society at the end of my filled professional life. And it is very good to sense how much this activity is recognized by our economy and the public."

Kurt Essler,
Managing Director of AfB Austria