AfB is striving to improve the public’s understanding of the concept of inclusion and refurbishing of used IT hardware and the opportunities associated with it. Besides our core CSR activities, we also implement projects that address socially relevant issues. Here you can find an overview of our CSR projects, which you can support as a company. We are here for you with our CSR team and would be more than happy to advise you on the individual CSR projects of your company.


Labdoo receiving offices

For many years AfB is receiving office for used and tested IT hardware which is donated to non-profit aid Project®. Through the Hardware dop off of decomissioned IT hardware children all over the world obtain access to EDV and tested IT products. Schools, children's homes, youth Projects ("Edoovillages") are supported for free with this IT hardware at home and abroad. AfB deletes any data left on the device in a certified fashion, refurbishes the IT donations and installs educational software suitable for children. More Information:
IT donations for non-Profit organisations

AfB has been a partner in the “Hardware as good as new“ programme since February 2011. The programme was initiated by – IT for non-profits, the online portal for IT donations. Since 2011 in Germany and 2012 in Austria, the Internet portal of this program has been placing used, completely overhauled and fully functional desktops, notebooks and mobile phones with non-profit organizations at cost price. AfB makes the lion’s share of the donated hardware available and also include in this offers comprehensive services. Eligible for such support at “Hardware as good as new“ are non-profit organizations such as sports clubs, foundations, gGmbHs (non-profit ltd companies), training facilities, public libraries and museums. On, companies such as Microsoft, SAP and more than 20 other IT companies offer their products as a donation to non-profit organizations. This is why non-profits do not simply order a product on this portal, but apply for an IT donation subject to a small administrative fee.

Social committment takes center-stage here at our company. You too want to do some rewarding CSR work? Read up on our services and create new jobs for people with disabilities.