Hardware pick-up

AfB employees will pick up the hardware at the customer’s site using vehicles from the AfB motor pool. The highest possible degree of data security will be guaranteed from the point of the pick-up by e.g. lockable transport containers and CCTV monitored and access-secured buildings

Your advantages

The highest level of data security is our top priority. Your hardware is in safe and professional hands with us – see for yourself.


We pick up your hardware at your site with our own vehicles


Lockable transport containers and video-surveillance ensure the highest level of data security and privacy.



Our work is TÜV certified.


You can track your hardware and devices from the moment they are entered into the inventory.

Record entry

Record entry

Every detail of every device will be recorded and entered into the Inventory Management System and all customer labels will be removed from the hardware.

Data deletion

Data deletion

Certified data deletion with Blancco deletion software and a subsequent hardware test.


Your hardware is in good hands

Our work is TÜV. We place high priority on safety and qualified processes.


There are costs involved in the logistics, warehousing, data deletion, inventorying, tests, cleaning, sales and, where necessary, repair or disposal. As a non-profit company we have to recover these costs but are not allowed to turn a profit. Depending on the service life and state of the IT hardware and mobile devices to be picked up, there are three possible models for doing business with AfB from a monetary point of view:


Very old hardware

The hardware to be picked up has had a very long service life (e.g. 6 years or longer) or is largely defective. That makes it highly unlikely that we will be able to recover our costs at a later sale of the hardware and so we would have to bill you for our services.

4-5 years old

The hardware to be picked up has been operational for 4-5 years and is still functional to a large extent: It is likely we can recover our costs from a later sale of the hardware and can offer you a cost-neutral pick-up.

Short service life

The used hardware to be picked up has been in service for 4 years or less and is functional to a large extent: It is highly likely we will be able to recover our costs at a later sale of the hardware. If a profit is made from the sale, repayment to your company can be arranged or you can choose to donate those proceeds to our non-profit enterprise.

Please bear in mind that these are only estimates. Please contact our sales department with respect to your hardware for a more precise statement concerning the appropriate business model for your individual case.

Pick-up in many European countries

We also pick up hardware from countries where we have no location.


AfB                                      Optional
Germany                              Italy
Austria                                  Slovenia
Switzerland                          Croatia
France                                   Czech
                                               Slovakia Hungary


AfB is represented in four European countries at the moment. Beyond that we also offer you our services in neighbouring countries. Contact us and we will process your request and find the optimum solution for your company.

Your contact person

Your contact person

Mengyuan Liu
Distribution Assistant

Phone: +43 1 6160 313 142
E-mail: mengyan.liu@afb-group.eu

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