We live CSR - we live responsibility

Digital inclusion into our society, creating barrier-free work places and conserving natural resources are at the core of all our business activities and the very foundation of our daily work processes.


Making business decisions while considering the social and ecological impact at the same time.

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Concept and vision

We want to continue to grow and plant the idea of digital inclusion in our society.

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We give people with disabilities career prospects. We see each person’s potential and want to promote and further it.

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AfB is striving to improve the public’s understanding of the concept of inclusion and refurbishing of used IT hardware and the opportunities associated with it. Besides our core CSR activities, we also implement projects that address socially relevant issues. Here you can find an overview of our CSR projects, which you can support as a company. We are here for you with our CSR team and would be more than happy to advise you on the individual CSR projects of your company.

Ad from Stifter Helfen
IT-donation and IT-services for non-profits

Stifter-helfen | IT donations for non-profit organizations

Doing good deeds with used business hardware? Many companies follow this path with AfB and Stifter-helfen. AfB collects the computers, deletes and refurbishes them. Stifter-helfen provides the refurbished devices with a 12-month warranty to charitable organizations.

This makes…

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Preparing together for a permanent employment
Young applicants prepare together for a permanent employment Foto: JOBLINGE

Together against youth unemployment

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Mobile phone collection for insect protection

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Social committment takes center-stage here at our company. You too want to do some rewarding CSR work? Read up on our services and create new jobs for people with disabilities.

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